Pressing Thru . . . Joshua


Pressing thru not so popular opinions
Odd, mediocrity and adamant disbelief
A dream I am pressing thru Joshua
Conceived by hope consummated by love

When I was yet unburn a struggle in the valley
Pain and despair plagued my family
A dream I am pressing thru Joshua
Totally committed to fulfillng a promise

A promise created in the valley of perilous times
For without the valley there could be no mountain
For without the mountain there could be no me
Pressing thru Joshua
Relieving the pain and despair that plagued my family

Brought forth in full bloom the season is nigh
Kissed by an angel a new love bye and bye
Released by my Lord, my God, in heaven proclaimed
A dream I am
Joshua is my name

A rod in my hand, splitting my red sea
Opening mine eyes a glorious majesty
Sounding my trumphet ringing my bell
A marvelous sight
Now this you can tell

For I am His workmanship
Created in Christ Jesus for good works
Which God prepared beforehand
That I should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10)

Pressed thru
Joshua I am

In dedication to my God-Son Joshua who has endured a lot from conception, delivery and existence. Nanna Reba love you!

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