Holy Matrimony


With twedding ringshis ring I thee wed

Said to you, Said to me

The two of us taken in Holy Martimony

Face to face

Before God we vow, the Preacher, you and me

Symbolizing the Trinity

As we prepare to share the rest of our lives together; we trust our Father who looks down from Heaven, not knowing what tomorrow holds

It is faith that brought us

Grace that saved us

Watch as our story unfolds

Unfolding the love we share; no mimick, no game

Adam then Eve, woman became

In the image of his Father man stood tall ready for his bride to be; the two taken in Holy Matrimony

Led by the marvelous Light, we take this journey together

Till death do us part, we are bound forever

I love you, You love me, Now part of each other’s destiny

A new walk we walk; New talk we talk; new dreams we share

New challenges we face; New love we birth so sweet; Time to shed those dirty sheets

Kiss the bride; Kiss the groom; No sorrow, now gloom

God by our side, His manna fills our heart

Quenched by His blood

A new life blessed with a new start


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