My Sista’


Sisters Silhouette

My Sista’ tell me the truth black and proud

say it, you say it loud

Mountain high valley low

yell yell no mo’

black and beautiful Sista’ indeed walking tall for her soul is freed

freed from whatever

unique in her own way she’s freed to this very day

day of calm, peace and serene

take a glimpse at her carrying grace written all over her face

because she found it to be true not fearing at all

My Sista’  my Sista’ tell me the truth

the crowd is watching you as you take the stage in this thing called life

you’d better not mess up because some are filled with strife

the strife of jealousy your fortune your fame

and they will yell yell yo’ name as loud as they can

So Sista’ My Sista’ I wish you well

hold your head up high

don’t take no wooden nickels

and don’t be fooled by no slickster

keep doing what you’re doing and know that I’ll be with ya’

till the very end, I’m your Sister in Christ

who could ask for much better

He’s covering us both

He’s true to his letter



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