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My Sista’


Sisters Silhouette

My Sista’ tell me the truth black and proud

say it, you say it loud

Mountain high valley low

yell yell no mo’

black and beautiful Sista’ indeed walking tall for her soul is freed

freed from whatever

unique in her own way she’s freed to this very day

day of calm, peace and serene

take a glimpse at her carrying grace written all over her face

because she found it to be true not fearing at all

My Sista’  my Sista’ tell me the truth

the crowd is watching you as you take the stage in this thing called life

you’d better not mess up because some are filled with strife

the strife of jealousy your fortune your fame

and they will yell yell yo’ name as loud as they can

So Sista’ My Sista’ I wish you well

hold your head up high

don’t take no wooden nickels

and don’t be fooled by no slickster

keep doing what you’re doing and know that I’ll be with ya’

till the very end, I’m your Sister in Christ

who could ask for much better

He’s covering us both

He’s true to his letter




Holy Matrimony


With twedding ringshis ring I thee wed

Said to you, Said to me

The two of us taken in Holy Martimony

Face to face

Before God we vow, the Preacher, you and me

Symbolizing the Trinity

As we prepare to share the rest of our lives together; we trust our Father who looks down from Heaven, not knowing what tomorrow holds

It is faith that brought us

Grace that saved us

Watch as our story unfolds

Unfolding the love we share; no mimick, no game

Adam then Eve, woman became

In the image of his Father man stood tall ready for his bride to be; the two taken in Holy Matrimony

Led by the marvelous Light, we take this journey together

Till death do us part, we are bound forever

I love you, You love me, Now part of each other’s destiny

A new walk we walk; New talk we talk; new dreams we share

New challenges we face; New love we birth so sweet; Time to shed those dirty sheets

Kiss the bride; Kiss the groom; No sorrow, now gloom

God by our side, His manna fills our heart

Quenched by His blood

A new life blessed with a new start


My Destiny


who are you to say you wish you could give me more

it’s not up to you you see to try and take control of my destiny

all that I am

all that I wish to be

you say you love me, I’m the best thing that ever happened to you

baby, I love you too

but, it’s not up to you you see to try and take control of my destiny

the way  I walk

the way I talk

the things I do

the things I say

you didn’t create me you didn’t make me

you see you really can’t control my destiny

in the likeness of my Father

through the womb of my mother

looks like my sister

don’t have any brothers

all that I am

all that I wish to be

more like my Daddy

the Spiritual one He created me

bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, the seed of Abraham, the Daughter of Sarah

birthed with divine purpose, established by His Word

saved by His Grace, washed in His Blood

comforted by His Touch, rocked by His Love

all that I am

all that I wish to be

a gift to you

now see

written in the Master’s Plan

Thumbprint of what He has for me





The word beauty can be misleading, however beautiful it may be

Beauty must first begin on the inside

The depth of your soul must exemplify beauty

Beauty must be written on your heart, cohearsed within your thoughts

Beauty must not be arrogance nor boasting but inviting and contagious

Beauty should be felt in your spirit, heard in your voice and shimmering all over your face


Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

There’s something to be said about picking yourself up and either starting over or just staying in the race

It’s rather amazing ’cause the decision to do either ain’t easy
Life sets in, days are long and nights are short

But thank God for his Amazing Grace that whispers in your ear
to keep on keeping on to see what the end gone be