I am all that HE IS


i am because His word live in me and in the beginning was the Word (II Corinthians, John 1:1)
i am because my Daddy laid the foundation of the world (Genesis 1:1)
i am because i will fight a good fight of faith and the Bible says greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world (II Timothy 6:12)
i am because Jesus said come unto me all that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)
i am because Jesus said, woman thou art loosed from thine infirmities and He commanded satan to loose that man and let him go (Luke 13:2, John 11:44)
i am because the Bible says by His stripes I am healed (Isaiah 53:5)
i am because i will not faint but i will sing praises unto his name
i am because i was able to touch the hem of His garment and was made whole and now the Spirit of the Lord us upon me (Luke 4:18)
i am because He gave His only begotten Son so that i may live (John 3:16)
i am because i receive His inheritance and as His daughter i will inherit the Kingdom because i am daughter of the King
i am because He is King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16)
He is comfort of all comforters (Isaiah 51:12)
He is the Reedemer (Job 19:25)
He is All . . . that i say He is . . . to me
He set me free
I am because He is

Everlasting Grace


"Happy Thanksgiving"God is grace
God is good
and we thank him for our food
by his hand we must be fed
give us Lord our daily bread

so we may show your greatness your truth
how fond we are whose blessings renew
poured into man out of dust you breath so calmly blew
we are grateful oh how greateful
Lord we love you
adore you
it’s true

God is grace
God is good
and we thank him for our food
by his hand we must be fed
give us Lord our daily bread

afflictions and pain not obeying your command
we don’t deserve you
yet you spared us we full of iniquity
yes us your children filthy and unclean
yet you waited on us
oh how merciful you are Father
expanding us delivering us to a place where you promised
Everlasting Grace

The Art of Relationships


nobody quite knows what goes on
nobody cares what goes on
nobody really want to know what goes on

what does it really mean to give yourself to someone
what does it mean for someone to give of themselves to you

the past the secrets the laughter the tears
shaped into this unique figurine
should you touch it might break
should you reject it it goes away
should you nourish it it slips through your fingers
if you find it again you might get lucky

time pass babies born characteristics and habits
generation to generation
nothing fixed nothing changed a lot broken a lot of pain
should you touch it it might break
out of curiosity the chance you take

the art of relationships can be much too much to bear
reciprocate the love you felt
who knows that special someone may have been afraid
instead they shared thoughts and dreams exquisitely shaped into this unique figurine

my cup runneth over


when the season has come
and the harvest is ripe
reaping that is predestined planted prepared
yearning for righteousness
seeking the knowledge of the King
speaking softly humbled and meek
blessings and anointing you shall bring

your cup runneth over
and that you can see
it’s not too much to bear
He did it for you
He did it for me

open your eyes
smell the roses
don’t stray from the path
there’s more where this comes from
don’t get caught in the wrath


Can You Feel Me


not to be mistaken or disrespected
renamed or even less neglected
can you feel me

lacde satin smooth sleek caressing your torso before your speak
can you feel me

sexy intelligent woman of your ribs
sent here as your better half not as victim in tears
can you feel me

not to be degraded manipulated set aside
instead someone you should overwhelmingly pride
not to be torn down built up torn down again
only to notice i’m not cherished appreciated applauded
even welcomed as i walk in

finer than ol’ aged wine
words softly spoken
written as one of God’s greatest tokens
manifested with wisdom from above
exemplifying constant love

stronger than steel
your weaker vessel by far
already a risen star

a virtuous woman some may say
laugh high five
brothers hope i come yuor way

can you feel me

You Are What You Eat


It’s been often said that you are what you eat

If you eat love, you breed love
If you eat strife, you breed strife
If you eat happiness, you breed happiness
If you eat bitterness, you breed bitterness

If you are what you eat, why not feed off all the things that make you happy, the things that make you smile and the things that make your day

If you don’t feed yourself then someone else will and you will be left trying to regurgitate all the crap you swallowed and made you sick

If you don’t eat off your own plate someone else will and you will find yourself depleted, exhausted and famished cause you didn’t feed yourself first, you didn’t take your own advice and you didn’t bask in the WORD that promised to feed you till you want no more