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Eyes Looking At Me


what is it you see when your eyes are looking at me
so bleak so cold so outrageously bold
the look on my face the gleam in my eye
the curve of my hips the dip of my thigh
the stride in my strut the round of my butt
the sway in my back the turn of my head
the brown of my skin the bone of my cheek
the dimple in my jaw my face has no flaw
the silk of my hair the crown of my head
the plump of my lips the juice from my grip

what is it you see when your eyes are looking at me

someone that can’t be touched by the mere thought ’cause the sane of my mind the tenacity i claim
the strength of my heart who am i to blame

the seed that i’m from the root of my being the chemistry that flowed in the womb my life did begin

my face my faith my brain my smarts
my wit my strain my struggle my joy
my sorrow my hope my tomorrow can’t cope
my Father and me me and my Father

now tell me what is it you see when your eyes are looking at me



my cup runneth over


when the season has come
and the harvest is ripe
reaping that is predestined planted prepared
yearning for righteousness
seeking the knowledge of the King
speaking softly humbled and meek
blessings and anointing you shall bring

your cup runneth over
and that you can see
it’s not too much to bear
He did it for you
He did it for me

open your eyes
smell the roses
don’t stray from the path
there’s more where this comes from
don’t get caught in the wrath